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Trustee for Deferred Sales Trusts™

An Innovative Tax Strategy for Dealing With Appreciated Assets

Estate planning is an ever-evolving field that requires a nuanced understanding of complex legal concepts. One of these vital concepts is the Deferred Sales Trust™ (DST), an advanced tax strategy with potential benefits for individuals selling assets, including real estate, businesses, or artwork. Drude Tomori Law can help you understand the value of this strategy and how it might apply to your unique situation. Our firm assists clients in drafting these trusts or acting as trustees to manage and sell trust assets and distribute the proceeds.

Expertise in Crafting Custom Solutions That Meet Your Needs

Rachel Drude-Tomori, our lead attorney and creative problem solver, is passionate about offering custom solutions to meet her clients’ needs. She recognizes that each DST is unique to the individual, requiring a level of careful consideration and attention that goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. In her work, Rachel truly listens and understands her clients, allowing her to excel in establishing and managing these complex DSTs.

What Is a Deferred Sales Trust, and What Does the Trustee Do?

A Deferred Sales Trust, in essence, is a method that lets an individual sell an asset and spread the income over time, potentially deferring the capital gains tax and offering more flexibility and control over the funds. The role of a Trustee in a DST is absolutely critical. This appointed individual or entity is responsible for managing the trust, including the asset that has been sold and the income generated from the sale. Critically, the trustee makes payments from the sale in installments over time as a tax management strategy. This ensures that the original asset owner can enjoy the financial benefits of the sale without the immediate heavy burden of capital gains tax.

Serving as a Trustee for a DST requires a deep understanding of trust law, investment strategies, and financial planning. As a Trustee, Rachel brings her wealth of knowledge and experience in estate planning and elder law to efficiently manage these responsibilities. She’s skilled in navigating the legal requirements of DSTs, ensuring the trust is structured and administered correctly to meet the unique needs and goals of her clients, while also providing peace of mind.

A DST trustee’s responsibilities extend to making distributions to the original asset owner or other beneficiaries. This process is meticulously managed, ensuring that payments are made as scheduled and the trust remains in compliance with the relevant tax laws. By providing this level of dedicated service, Rachel ensures her clients can focus on their future, rather than being preoccupied with the complexities of estate planning.

Contact Drude Tomori Law to Learn More About Deferred Sales Trusts

A Trustee plays a pivotal role in the Deferred Sales Trust mechanism. At Drude Tomori Law, PA, we’re dedicated to providing a high level of personalized service to our clients. With her commitment to listening and understanding, coupled with her legal expertise, Rachel Drude-Tomori has the ability to construct and manage DSTs that truly align with her clients’ needs, goals, and family dynamics.

If you’re contemplating the sale of an asset and are curious about the benefits of a DST, we invite you to reach out. Rachel is always ready to listen, understand, and offer you a solution tailored to your unique needs. It’s not just about planning for your estate; it’s about planning for your future.

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